dijous, 23 d’octubre de 2014

New release "The Dramatic Theory" from Rio De Janeiro.

Hari Maia and your folk, darkfolk, classical, neoclassical, ambient, neofolk project: "TheDramatic Theory" from Rio De Janeiro, is the new gest of La Náusea Records. Listen or download.

Hari Maia y su proyecto de folk, darkfolk, classical, neoclassical, ambient, neofolk:
"TheDramatic Theory", desde Río de Janeiro, es el nuevo invitado de La Náusea Records. Escúchalo o descárgalo.

"The Dramatic Theory is a project of Hari Maia from Rio De Janeiro/Rj Brazil of genre: folk, darkfolk, classical, neoclassical, ambient, neofolk.
Created last year in 2013, Hari Maia comes with his two albums released by labels such as Dead In Mars Records his own label.
The Dramatic Theory still has a small discography is a great option for you to start listening to the songs and save them in your mind never to forget."



dimecres, 16 de juliol de 2014

Nueva resenya sobre Zé Pekeño, esta vez desde Serbia.

"... The guy behind this projec is Cesc Fortuny. He plays he plays ambient harsh noise music. He's an anarchist, pacifist, ecologist and a poet ..."

Léela entera aquí.

diumenge, 6 de juliol de 2014

Nuevo trabajo de Zé Pekeño, "Abissal".

"Abissal" is the Catalan word that means abyss, the oceanic space among 3000 and 6000 meters of depth. Therefore it is a dark zone where the sunlight does not reach.

The forest is opposed to the inhabited zone that is a tamed zone and therefore it has a double cultural meaning: a refuge or something strange and source of danger.
The Celtic Druid and the medieval Witch have their natural habitat in the deepest of the forest since there they can be more nearby to the nature and also to be nearby to the magic.

Registered, produced and masterized in Monistrol de Montserrat (Barcelona) during 2014
Zé Pekeño is Cesc Fortuny i Fabré.
Edition and design, The Nausea Records in 2014.
Photographies of La Sierra de Aracena, Huelva.

Play "Abissal":


divendres, 4 de juliol de 2014

"Abissal" Zé Pekeño 06-06-2014.

"Abissal és la paraula en català per a denominar abyss, l'espai oceànic entre 3.000 i 6.000 metres de fondària. Es tracta per tant d'una zona fosca on la llum solar no hi arriba.

El bosc s'oposa a la zona habitada, amansida i per tant té un doble sentit cultural: de refugi o d'allò desconegut i font de perill. El druida celta i la bruixa medieval tenen al més profund del bosc el seu hàbitat natural, ja que allà estan més a prop de la natura i per tant de la màgia."

Enregistrat, produït i masteritzat a Monistrol de Montserrat durant el 2013.
Zé Pekeño és Cesc Fortuny i Fabré.
Edició i disseny, La Náusea Records al 2014.
Fotografies de La Sierra de Aracena, Huelva.


divendres, 13 de juny de 2014

NostromO "Iglesia Puta" net single.

Descarga el single "Iglesia Puta" de la banda NostromO aquí.
O puedes escucharlo aquí: